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The Flashback
June 2018
Finalized Installation of Pendulum Project
Group Exhibition Algomotion at Flaxspace
Art and Technology Department at SAIC held a special exhibition curated by the faculty members, called Algomotion. For three and half minutes, The Activator and the Pendulum operated together to give the programmed performance of the mechanical symphony. I called it Time Machine
The combination of The Activator and the Pendulum creates an intense visual and auditory experience that often shocks people by the loudness of the compressed air, resonance and vibration from transducers and speakers. The strong scent from red cedar also evokes the nostalgic feeling towards the forgotten space and time. Time Machine sounds chaotic and disturbing in the beginning, but every sound component deliberately and slowly harmonize each other to create the rhythm, silence, and  termination like a symphony. The uncanny nature of time in childhood is expressed through the symphony of mechanical sound with the motion of pendulum. It is the destruction of the logical distinction between past, present, and future, while constructing the reality of time in our faded intuition, that is not absolute, but relative. 
Symphony of
Time Machine
3m 30s performance 
I have a fantasy in my childhood that I do not remember. I think that every culture has the fantasies about their forgotten origins which gradually form into religion, philosophy, and so-called truth. One of the greatest illusion that we have ever created is the concept of time which has reconciled the chaos of memory and imagination. Now, we are awake in the present between tiny fragments of time. Our memories in childhood still inhabit in the timeless chaos that cannot be remembered. The chaos is the universe outside the cave that we have built.
It is very strange that I cannot resist some nostalgic feelings about what I do not remember. I wanted to go back to where I was belong to, the wholeness and selfless. But I cannot remember what it is. It can never be remembered. So I desperately needed something that can take me there. If our present is all mingled with the endless layers of timeframe, it should already be right here, might not be tangible, but nonetheless physical. The birth and death also coexist here, working every second, constantly repeating the process. But still I am alive, present, awake.
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