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Manifesto in Glasgow

December 2018



I am writing this to my potential audience at Yale University in New Haven. I am at the verge of my greatest fantasy where I can meet the people who will pursue my artwork as a divine dialogue that can lead us to the truth. I must find these people in order to celebrate and glorify the birth in the future.


I have been chosen by this idea that desires to be contained within me. This idea is an invisible entity, yet undeniable presence that prevails my existence. I have doubted myself many times about the possibility of having an independent being inside me, but it continuously reveals itself through the objects of my reflection. Since I am only petty dust in the universe like everyone, I cannot bear the truth all by myself. I must need the people who can nurture this idea together to bring forth the birth.


I believe that I am not the only one chosen by this presence. From my observation, this genuine presence dwells in timeless realm that has existed forever. I have attempted to reach its origin but found the infinity inside filled with emptiness and darkness. I have also attempted to reach its end and realized that is just another beginning. I must meet the people who have overcome the persistent nihilism of our mortality to force the birth of eternity.


I have been deluded by the beauty of my imitation and drowning into the endless narcissism, believing that is the ultimate virtue of humanity. The love of narcissist has shifted from myself towards the artwork, believing that the love of motherhood is the soul of genius. Then, I have discovered this presence with a sublime impression that I can never call myself either a narcissist or genius again. I have witnessed an impossible spark of the birth by its almighty power in the darkest abyss of nothingness. I must work with the people calling this presence, “Art—our mother of all disciplines!”


My dearest audience in the future, my artwork does not serve for any existing discipline, but purely celebrate and glorify the physical presence of art. O my dearest people in my fantasy, we can finally meet in the midst of desperate search for each other to pursue altogether the divine nature of art. I am only petty dust in the universe who cannot bear the truth all by itself.





Hosu Lee

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