Telepathy And Landscapes

2018 - 2019

Archival project to explore the beauty of Korea

Since 2018, I got so interested in the origin of my cultural background

as the context of my super ego. I have grown up mostly in western environment

as my parents sent me to a private Christian elementary school in Korea, and

I moved alone to Canada at my age 14. Although I never had a good chance to deeply connect with my national identity, I always knew that the majority of my conscience was deeply rooted in the culture of Korea.

When I came to visit Korea during vacations, I had field trips to the historic places to trace down my national identity, and made a series of collaborative artworks to represent visual aesthetic and philosophy of Korea. In 2019, my friends and I formed an anonymous group named TAL (Telepathy And Landscapes), meaning mask in Korean. The purpose of this group is to understand our origin in depth and produce art driven by the aesthetic of Korean culture and natural landscapes. 

The ongoing archive of Telepathy And Landscapes currently includes both visual and sound documentation of performance, conversation, objects and field research.

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