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​동굴 탈출자 The Cave Escaper, 1분 38초

The Synthesizer

May 2017

recycled materials, found objects, two TVs, Macbook, speaker, LED, three-channel videos (Uncanny , New Religion and Shuffle My Memories) with two-channel audio (including mix of TED Talks by Ray Kurzweil, Nick Bostrom, Janna Levin, Clint Smith, Michael Specter, and Brian Cox)

The second year at SAIC, I was in such an intense dilemma of my controversial faith between Christianity and science. Since 2013, I had converted to devout Christian by religious enlightenment that happened to me during my journey in Jeju Island for a month. I had continued to pursue Christian dogmatism faithfully participating as a worship leader and youth executive at the Full Gospel Church in Vancouver. When I transferred to SAIC, I started to make art inspired by science and technology which always had been my major interest all time.


Then, I became aware of the conflict between evolution and creation  a huge difference in rational perception of time between evolutionist (deep time) and Genesis (seven days of creation). I endeavored to find out the solution by researching both sides, but soon exhausted by all the contradicting arguments and theories. In the end, it was only a matter of my faith in such imperfect opinions of others. Without having self-discipline, I would be always at risk of swaying my foundation.

The Synthesizer is the final stage of the installation combining the two previous works: The Cave and Synthetic Order. This composite project illustrates one of the remarkable events in my intellectual/spiritual journey that eventually has brought a significant transformation of my identity as an artist. By the work of The Synthesizer, I completely liberated myself from Christian dogmatism and scientific rationalism and founded a new thinking model as a destructive resolution of the conflict. 


Led by Prof. Jefferson Pinder, I finally found a way to mitigate this conflict by means of ritual as object making. Inspired by Plato's Allegory of Cave, I organized a theatrical plot of escaping my psychological cave that had captivated me with the dilemma: I designed the cave in the form of camera obscura which produced an illusionary phenomenon visualizing the conflict between Christians and scientists. When the cave was built, I immediately came to realize that the genuine ritual had already happened in the process of objectifying the cave which had physically separated myself from it.

This experience transformed my intense psychological conflict into a sublime harmony that deeply converted my perception in time and led to the Pendulum Project in the following semester. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 6.58.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 6.58.30 PM.png

The Cave

February 2017

convex lens, found objects, recycle materials, oil paper, iPad and Macbook

The Cave is the original form of The Synthesis where the ritual transformation took place. Using found objects and recycled material, I made a theatrical set to liberate myself from the dilemma between science and Christianity by means of ritual.


I was intrigued by the mechanism of Camera Obscura as a reflection of the Plato's the Allegory of the Cave. Using convex lens and electronic devices, I created an illusion-like moving images inside the dark cave. There are two illusions merged together on the screen inside the cave, reflecting my psychological tension between rationalism and dogmatism: a video of Christian worship (bottom, flipped) and a documentary of evolution (on the top, upright).

Untitled_Artwork 3.jpg
IMG_1303 copy.jpg

Synthetic Order


March 2017

video documentations (Uncanny, New Religion and Shuffle my Memories),

found objects and LED

Synthetic Order is the second stage of The Synthesis which emerged as an antithesis of The Cave. I created an installation with the found objects to express my desire for an order  a new foundation to perceive the world. I was also feeling an enormous liberation as I had escaped from the moral boundary of Christian dogmas to search for the new light.


In the early 2017, there was an upheaval in politics about raising awareness of climate change and science and technology. I attended March for Science and Environmental Justice in Chicago in order to document the events for my assignment for the course on Anthropocene led by Prof. Jeremy Bolen and Dr. Andrew Yang. During this period, I researched about artificial intelligence as a potential solution for global issues like climate change, and gave a presentation at Sector 2337. 

Everyone at the march expressed extreme faith in science and technology as a contemporary savior of the world  in fact, it was a giant gathering to worship for science. Although I had been a huge advocate for science and technology, it did not seem to be right having such a blind faith in any sort of disciplines. As Nietzsche anticipated on modern society without god, people seemed to desperately search for the replacement of god in science, and that was as problematic as religious dogmatism.  

I documented those events and composed them into a video work to express my feeling of disturbance and loss. These three videos, Uncanny, New Religion and Shuffle My Memories later became part of The Synthesis

Uncanny (2017)
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