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Spring 2018

powder coated steel and red cedar

35" x 3.5" x 24"h

Exhibited at Sullivan Gallery, BFA SHOW, 2019

While working on the symphony, I was obsessed with the perceptual phenomenon called 

synesthesia — a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive



In spring 2018, I implemented a self experiment with psychedelic drug Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) to dive into a deeper psychic experience and get familiar with the realm of the unconscious — the primitive psyche. I took this experiment as a serious session of psychoanalysis on every Sunday, and solely focused on my mind and body to find the practical use of this psychic effect. This regular ritual continued on for about three months,  and produced an artwork called TAKELSD, including a collection of Smoking Pipes.

How can one become completely selfless and boundless to the world? The answer is the key to understand the nature of our intuition which can potentially lead to a higher state of mind.
The boundary between illusion and reality affirms an order in the sense of present. The gravity of memories forces you to see what is real while the atmosphere of imagination creates what you believe. Can one be completely free from the boundary and still maintaining the stable conscious? The state of being selfless can be terrifying and painful for it forces you to exile from the homeland. But it might be the beginning of your appreciation towards everything that decides who you are, leading to an enlightenment where the intangible imagination becomes solid as past memories. 
IMG_8825 copy.jpg

Project Proposal (written in March 2018)


Inspired by the altarpieces from the northern Renaissance which represent the religious subject behind the alter of Catholic church, the installation intends to create a ritual atmosphere for the participant's sacrifice of body and mind. 


My research has recently focused on the history and philosophy of Renaissance in Western Europe. To further the research, I wish to investigate the history of shamanism and totemism in diverse cultures which extensively use the visual symbols in order to serve the mind of a participant. I also want to explore how art can incorporate aesthetically with the function of ritual ceremonies. I aim to approach this subject with Jungian psychology on the unconscious mind and archetypes.


The objective of this installation is to bring an insightful dialogue about Lysergic acid Diethylamide (LSD) and its practical use of extraordinary psychic effects. The power of our consciousness prevents our awareness of the unconscious by all means. This results the limitation of shaping our identity in infinite possibilities. By weakening the persistent ego with the aid of LSD, one can potentially experience spiritual liberation by encountering the uncanny phenomenon of chaotic nature. In that sense, the action of taking LSD becomes a form of self sacrifice to achieve a higher state of mind. Like Renaissance altarpieces, I want to create an environment where such sacrificial actions are promoted. 


The ideal space for this installation will be the Base Space at the Columbus that has a high ceiling about 8 ft. The piece will be hung at the ceiling by zinc-plated chain. However, due to high demands of this space during the final critiques, I will have room 619 at the Maclean reserved as an alternative option. The audience can only approach to the façade of the piece only seeing the word "TAKE", then as they go around will see the camouflaged "LSD".

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