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Space-Time Travel

2023, mixed-media installation, dimension variable


Solo Exhibition: 

Space-Time Travel, WINDMILL, Seoul, Oct 6 - 14, 2023

With the support of Seoul Foundation of Art and Culture (SFAC), funding for selected interdisciplinary projects, and carpenter Ki Hwan Lee, metal fabricator Jun Min Lee, curator Jimin Park, designer Wooseok Jang, photographer Ghwan Hee Yoon, and installation Yunhee Min

List of works at the exhibition:

Time Machine II, 2024, machine, 96x67x320h cm, Mechanical Heart II, 2024, machine, 68x68x115h cm, Moon Gazing, 2020, oil on canvas, 75x72 cm, Fallen Tower, 2023, mixed media, 106x134x22h cm, Pyramid of Giza, 2023, MDF, 90x90x17cm, Cintāmani, 2023, crystal, stainless steel, and plywood, 104x104x33h cm, Radio, 2023, mixed media, 23x30x15h cm, Genesis Trilogy, 2022, poem, LED, batteries, steel, acrylic, and wood, 35x54x3 cm, Little Goblin's Cradle, 2022, wood, soil, metal powder, red clay and pigments, 174x156x80h cm, Dream Manifesto, 2020, soft pastel on cardboard, 22x27x4 cm, You Are not a Lonely Mushroom, 2023, linoleum and plywood, 17x20x3.5 cm, Transposition, 2023, found hardwood floor pieces and dust, 7×11×5 cm, This is a Real Pipe, 2022, pipes, stainless steel, wood, 62×43×6.5 cm, Pyramid #1-4, 2023, gesmonite, 11x11x9 cm

2023CS_013 copy.jpg
Hosu_LEE_10 copy.jpg

photo © Ghwan Hee Yoon

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