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Time Machine II, 2023

pneumatics - air tank, motors, solenoid valves, hose, gauges, custom-made pipes, and power switches/ structure - mahogany, birch plywood, aluminum profile, mdf, aluminum, stainless steel, resin, acrylic, optical lenses / kinetics - bearings, custom-made stainless steel pendulum, and caster wheels / audio - subwoofer amp, subwoofer speaker, self-designed subwoofer enclosure, audio cables, and binding post / electronics - Teensy plus audio shield, tip120 circuit, ultrasonic sensor, self-designed PCB, heatsink, LED, and DC power supply

96x67x320h cm



Space-Time Travel, WINDMILL, Seoul, Oct 6 - 14, 2023

Time Machine II-2.jpg
The Pendulum II.jpg
The Pyramid-2.jpg

photo © Ghwan Hee Yoon

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