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Pendulum Project

2018, 1.0hp air compressor, air hose, pneumatic solenoid, bearings, 44mm glass Lens, 200mm convex lens, door viewer, threaded shaft, metal square tube, green pressure treated lumber, caster wheels, floor locks, swing bracket, rockite, aluminum and 12G,14G metal sheet hot, dimension variable

List of works from top to bottom

(two sculptures put together) The Activator (left), 2018, 106.6x45.7x99h cm (3.5'x1.5'x3.25'h), Time Machine (right), 2018, 213x152x198h cm (7'x 5'x6.5'h) photo © Kevin Stevanus, When Time was Not So Strange, 2018, 58 seconds, Scanned Notebook, pencil on paper, 20.8x25.8 cm

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