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Pendulum Project
The Flashback

2017 Sept - 2018 May

Mixed Media: 1.0 Hp Air compressor, Air Hose, Pneumatic Solenoid, Bearings, 44mm Glass Lens, 200mm Convex Lens, Door Viewer, Threaded Shaft, Metal Square Tube, Green Pressure Treated Lumber, Caster Wheels, Floor Locks, Swing Bracket, Rockite, Aluminum and 12G,14G Metal Sheet Hot

3.5'x1.5'x3.25'h (left)  7'x 5'x6.5'h (right)

Documentation directed by Kevin Stevanus

This project is about reviving the experience of time in our childhood when we have no such preconceptions that integrate with time. I believe that the time in childhood, although we cannot remember, has a significance in understanding the nature of the uncanny present. The lost memories of how we perceive the present by intrinsic knowledge of nature that is far from subjectivity, form a mass creating gravity inside our mind. 


The architecture is inspired by a swing set with a treehouse in the playground, where children like to spend time. The structure of swing set is a functional structure for a concrete pendulum in motion while aiming to revive the nostalgic space. Light is a communicating medium between these two objects. The light is used to signify the present moment in terms of physics. Four chain reactions instantly turn on the LED light and audio sound, which then initiate the pendulum almost simultaneously. This motion allows the light passing through the convex lens which converges the light in the center of the space which can be looked through the door viewer from the back. 

Pendulum Project
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The Ideal installation takes place in a pitch dark room with a high ceiling. A group of audience, one to twenty, enters at a time into the room. As they walk in, the performance begins automatically as the LED light turns on to illuminate the pendulum. These two sculptures are placed in the center of the space, surrounded by a square fence with the access to the back so that people look at the installation at a distance during the performance. After about three and half minutes, the light and every sound go off. For few seconds, the senses of the audience will create visual and audio illusions in the silent dark space, which will be part of their memory from this experience. After about 30 seconds, the dim lights in the space turn on and turn back off before the next group comes in. The circulation of this installation will be around 5 minutes. 

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