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Our Hope
July, 2018
Collaborated with Chulma
In the city of Andong

Despite a number of the sacrifices for liberating Korea from Japanese colonization which was designed for the purpose of benefiting Japan, including massive exploitation for 35 years, Korea soon faced another miserable situation, Cold War, that divided Korea into two sovereign states: North and South. Different political ideologies between North and South brought Korean War on 25 June 1950 that put families and friends into killing each other. It must have been an enormous sorrow that would never have been imagined during the time under colonization. Long dream of founding an independent nation had completely crashed. 


We still suffer from the sense of the exile from each other, having the tension of demilitarized zone between us. The fading memory of one country becomes a fantasy in my generation, which is now sublimed into a collective hope for reunification “통일” of Korea.

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