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Little Dokkebi Site

2022, multi-media installation, dimension variable


Blues with Bowerbird, Wavescapers, Seoul, Sept 30 - Oct 14, 2022

List of works from top to bottom:

Little Dokkebi's Cradle, 2022, wood, natural soil and red clay, moss, and metal powder, 160x174x95h cm, 

The Stillness in the Midst of Passing Time (installation), 2022, ​poem, LED, batteries, steel, acrylic, and wood, 35x54x3 cm (each), When the Full Moon Rises above the Lake, 2022, polymer clay, acrylic, chains, wood, acrylic paint, 15x23 cm

아기도깨비의 요람_2.jpg
보름달 뜨면.jpg
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