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0       “Genesis”

1        In the beginning, I was invisible, inaudible, and insensible;

2        In the beginning, I was formless, forgotten, and empty;

3        Thus, I was not existed;

4        Yet, I was there forever;

5        In the beginning, he was object, infant, and child;

6        In the beginning, he was selfless, limitless, and empty;

7        Thus, we were not existed;

8        Yet, we were there together;

9        In the beginning, it was timeless, boundless, and infinite;

10       In the beginning, it was endless, shapeless, and empty;

11       Thus, it was not existed;

12       Yet, we were there altogether;


13       In the beginning, we were one, everything, and nothing;

14       In the beginning, we were three, connected, and separated;

15       Yet, we were not discovered;

16            , we were not visible;

17            , we were not audible; 

18            , we were not sensible;


19            Thus, we were there altogether.

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