December 2017

Execution #1: The Operation

The first operation took place on the second week of December when every electronic was connected to power. 

The force of compressed air was not sufficient to push the pendulum as I tested before. The problem was the air compressor that provided a lot less air flow than industrial ones. For example, with the industrial one, I could set around only 60 psi and the force was powerful enough. However, with this personal air compressor, the the pressure (Psi) had to go up to 100 psi, but still not sufficient force to make effective motion.


December 2017

Execution #2: The Orientation

The second execution involved the orientation using projector for initiating the pendulum. The space allowed the natural light from the ceiling.


This color is called, Cosmic Latte, the average color of universe, found by the team of astronomers at John's Hopkins University. Their survey of the light from over 200,000 galaxies showed slightly beigeish white. I used this image of Cosmic Latte for the light source that powered the pendulum.

Final critique in Pneumatic class provided a lot of feedback and impression on this project from others. During the final critique week, I have been moving the whole sculpture, disassemble and reassemble for four individual shows in different spaces. 


December 2017

Execution #3: The Cinematic Orientation

The third execution involved cinematic light setup using two adjustable LED lights on each side. I made a featured video documentation from this installation which was the closest orientation that I have imagined. 

When Time was not so strange , 2017

Apple Pencil on IPad

2,048 x 2,732 px

I have been dreaming my memories

when I have no doubt about my presence

And they have become solid

Untitled_Artwork (2).jpg

December 2017

Execution #4: Studio Documentation

The studio documentation was executed by Kevin Stevanus from SAIC BFA, concentration in documentation photography. Throughout the whole semester, I have been discussing about the topic, and sharing progress with him. He has given me a lot of inspirations and advices.


December 2017

Execution #5: Deinstallation and Moving

I have taken down the installation into five modules: pendulum and air compressor, Mechanical Heart and Memory Container, top beam, a pair of frontal beams, and the Activator.

Pendulum Modules.JPG
Pendulum Modules Parts.JPG

The work was moved by a truck with professional. Then, I have installed in my apartment for further research and experiment to modify the motion by changing parts and writing the new code. I also started working on The Activator at home. 

While the installation was set up at my apartment, I invited people for private view and talk about it often.

April 2018

Experiment #4: The Perfect Symphony

In March 2018, I got offered a group exhibition, Algomotion, by the faculty member of Art and Technology Department at SAIC. At that point, I have finished working on Mechanical Heart.  

I needed to modify the pneumatic parts and coding to make the perfect motion of pendulum. Also, I wanted to fully manage the noise of the air compressor to harmonize with the sound from Mechanical Heart. The force of compressed air significantly improved when I reduced the outlet from 1/2" to 1/4" diameter. Now, the pressure could be set up as low as 65 psi which provided the more compressed air with consistent pressure. This also results a shorter duration of the noise from the air compressor.

Using video recording, I could measure the precise position of pendulum at thousandth of second to modify the coding for air blasts at the most effective timing: when the pendulum passes the center at maximum kinetic energy. Also, the stable duration of the noise from the air compressor allowed to elaborate the simultaneous silences between Pendulum and Mechanical Heart during the performance. 

May 2018

Execution #6: The Time Machine

Time Machine is the title of the completed installation. The finalized work was exhibited at Algomotion, curated by ATS Department at SAIC. My artwork was a "huge hit" at the show. 

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