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December 2017

Execution #1: The Operation

The first operation took place on the second week of December when every electronic was connected to power. 

The force of compressed air was not sufficient to push the pendulum as I tested before. The problem was the air compressor that provided a lot less air flow than industrial ones. For example, with the industrial one, I could set around only 60 psi and the force was powerful enough. However, with this personal air compressor, the the pressure (Psi) had to go up to 100 psi, but still not sufficient force to make effective motion.


December 2017

Execution #2: The Orientation

The second execution involved the orientation using projector for initiating the pendulum. The space allowed the natural light from the ceiling.

Setup Experiment #2
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This color is called, Cosmic Latte, the average color of universe, found by the team of astronomers at John's Hopkins University. Their survey of the light from over 200,000 galaxies showed slightly beigeish white. I used this image of Cosmic Latte for the light source that powered the pendulum.

Final critique in Pneumatic class provided a lot of feedback and impression on this project from others. During the final critique week, I have been moving the whole sculpture, disassemble and reassemble for four individual shows in different spaces. 


December 2017

Execution #3: The Cinematic Orientation

The third execution involved cinematic light setup using two adjustable LED lights on each side. I made a featured video documentation from this installation which was the closest orientation that I have imagined.