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Dreamwalker's Paraphernalia 

2020, collection of multi-media and found objects, dimension variable

List of works in pictures (from top to bottom):

A Wish for the Fallen Cross, 2020, cast aluminum and plaster, pyrite, lens, and powder-coated pipes, found piece of metal, dimension variable, Mona Lisa's Bully Stick, 2020, found piece of wood, 16x2x2.5 cm, (six sculptures) Wands, Tools, and Sticks..., 2020, wood, metal rod, and resin, dimension variable, Shadow Dagger, 2020, found piece of wood, 13x3x2 cm, Dionysian Mask, 2020, thermoplastic, air-dried clay, resin, 15x19x17 cm

Wish for the Fallen Cross.jpg
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