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 Birth of Time


Mixed Media: MDF 1/2", Hot Metal Sheet 10G, 8 ft Zinc-Plated Chain, Concrete, Caster Wheels, Door Hinges.

16" x 16" x 8'

This installation is the first experiment of the Pendulum Project to create motion as a timekeeping element. In the beginning, I have been especially interested in the implication of clock which has shaped the way that we experience time. 


The motion of pendulum is an outcome of the constant transformation of two types of energy: potential and kinetic. This signifies the notion that the stream of energies is hidden behind what is seen with our bare eyes. 


The orientation of this installation represents the shell that has a dormant concrete cube hung by 8 ft-long chain from the ceiling.

During the performance, I open the shell and move the pendulum to give birth to time that is a flux of kinetic and potential energy.

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