The Annunciation

May 2019

Annunciation was one of the manifestations of Genesis Trilogy followed by the transformation of Time MachineSince the experience of conceiving the inner voice was kind of a religious revelation like annunciation, I started to see Mother Mary as the epitome of a divine artist who gave birth to a revolutionary paradigm. This insight had a huge impact on how I perceived art and the relationship between idea, artist, and the artwork. I aimed to reinterpret the annunciation by creating art that can give birth to an artwork and transfigure itself as an artist. 

The motherhood was a genuine mindset of an artist who could nurture the logos to come alive. What really fascinated me was how Mary responded to the angel by saying "I'm the Lord's servant" — a complete submission to the impossibility. Then, there was a miracle. I also wanted to devote myself in the possibility of a miraculous event driven by the inner voice. Indeed, I regarded the poem as a prophesy for my future artwork that would take part in the symphony of the Time Machine.

Annunciation, 2019

powder coated steel, plywood, cedar, metal-plated alginate, plexiglass and hardware

The Jig for the Spine, 2019

powder coated steel, plywood and hardware

23.5"x 4.5" x 48"h 


This is a jig for bending wood to fabricate the structure of the spine as part of my future sonic sculpture. It has not been used yet.

Jig for the Cranium, 2019

powder coated steel, plywood, concrete and steel rod

19"x 19"x 53"h


This is another jig for steam bending wood to fabricate the structure of the cranium of the future sculpture. 

Mother Moulds for the Hands, 2019

powder coated steel, plywood and iron-plated alginate

6"x 8"x 16"h (left) 18"x 5.5"x 13"h (right)


These mother moulds were used to cast my fingers and hand into wax, then later casted into aluminum (pics below). After the maternal process, it has been aestheticized by the symbolic shapes and colors.

The Hands, 2019

aluminum and brass-plated

5"x 3"x 2"h


These aluminum and brass-plated hands and fingers will be used as instrumental part of playing music by creating kinetic sound and motion.

Altar for the Sacred, 2019

powder coated steel, plywood and CyberKnife surgical mask

23"x 23"x 20.5"h


This table is a resting altar for the sacred mother who will play the music that overcomes the illusion of life and death. Later, this red disc will be used as the core head of the future sculpture.

Undiscovered Identity, 2019

powder coated steel, plywood, and CyberKnife surgical mask

Project Proposal

2019 Spring


It has been an exciting transition lately in the way I understand my practice of making. While reflecting all my previous works, I began to perceive the boundary between idea, object, and myself in which we negotiate and co-exist in a sense of singular. This insight led me to the questions about timeless from my earlier works. The trinity of independent entities in a single human evoked the image of Mother Mary in sacred state of pregnancy by the will of God. Christ was the birth of timeless idea that incarnated as a physical object. Mary, the holy mediator, was the first human witness of the prophesy. The script began to seem like a divine testimony of extraordinary artist of millennia. 


I desire to explore this discovery/reinterpretation deeply to invent/reform my identity. My early works tend to be separated from myself as physical imitations of my psyche and thought experiment that aim to communicate with the viewers autonomously. As I now perceive the independency of the artwork that represents my identity and the presence of timeless idea, I begin to wonder the image of the unity of the trinity in a set of environments such as performance and photography. I wonder if an object can affirm itself an identity throughout the multiple layers of processing after being made. I am curious how the discovery of its identity responds to and synthesizes with mine to pursue the present fraction of the knowledge of the vast idea. 


I am interested in making several subjects of finalized cast that would combine with other found objects and structural materials such as wood and metal. I am planning to begin with making parts and develop into a completed object throughout the semester. I would like to explore heavy and durable materials with strong modular that allows a dynamic performance. Also, I hope to expand my dialogue with this project in terms of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and biotechnology. I aim to achieve professional finish in physicality of the object and surface, and documentation as photography and video.

I will present this artwork in EXPO show at the end of semester.

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