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The Activator
March 2018
Speakers, Contact Transducers, Contact Microphones, Amps, Audio Amplifier, 100W LED, 44mm 60 degree Reflector, Heat Sink, Fan, Photocells, Ultrasonic Range Finder, Micro-controllers, Voltage Regulator, 9V Batteries, Power Relays, Red Cedar and 14G Metal Sheet

3.5ft (L) x 1.5ft (W) x 3.25ft (H)
107cm (L) x 45.7cm (W) x 99cm (H)

2 minutes

Activator is an interactive sound/light sculpture which finds the proximity of the audience, then instantly activates the multiple of chain reactions to communicate with the Pendulum. A pair of contact transducers vibrate and resonate the modified sound of wave inside the Activator. Carefully tuned to avoid any feedback, the sound is again picked up by a pair of contact microphones, then distorted and amplified to resonate back inside by the two speakers. The LED light, converged by the 60 degree reflector, illuminates the Pendulum which instantly responds to initiate its programmed performance. 
When Time Was Not So Strange_2.jpg
Original Wave Sound -
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February 2018
Found Object, Audio Amplifier and Speaker
5 Inch (diameter) x 7 Inch (height)
Loop Play
Inspired by the form of seashell that naturally produces the rushing sound caused by resonating the surrounding noise, I used an empty lamp and speaker to create a resonating object to experiment various effects by different size of cavity.
The wave sound was recorded last summer in Jeju Island in Korea for the exhibition, On the Horizon. I continued to develop this recorded sound through the entire project.
IMG_8070 copy.jpg
CNC Plasma Cut 
December 2017
Red Cedar, Projector, and Laptop
Majority of the structure of Activator was already designed and made during the Pendulum Project in 2017. Using projector was an alternative way to experiment the operation of the pendulum. The high profile of the projector was not the ideal orientation for simplicity in the aesthetic and function. 
The structure of Activator was taken from the roof of the Pendulum to emphasize the unity of two sculptures
Powder coated metal sheets 
A pair of power relays is used to control the power to turn on/off the LED and audio amplifier by the data from the ultrasonic range finder.
March 2017
Midterm Critique in Sound Installation
4 Minutes
I implemented the first installation of Activator with 4-minutes duration of the modified sound file. The sculpture was installed in the empty dark space, and automatically began the performance as the audience walked into the space by the sound detector (later replaced with ultrasonic range finder).
I have achieved a phenomenal effect of resonance and vibration from the combination of structural design and modified sound. It was a great experiment to study the radical change in behavior of the sound wave depending on the surrounding and orientation.
Having developed my own lighting and sound allowed the audience to interact with the installation Pendulum Project more effectively in an ideal cinematic setup. 
Modified Wave Sound -
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