Hosu Lee (b. 1990) is a senior BFA student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). He has started his post-education with engineering and environmental studies.

Hosu has a broad spectrum of curiosity to fuel his imagination to create artwork in a variety of media. He explores questions in science, religion, and philosophy by making a series of artworks which develop into tangible concepts. His practices in art focus on the objectification of idea that arbitrarily communicates with the world. The creative documentation of his thought process is the core of his talent to discover art in contemporary context.

  I love idea

  I want it to be visible

  I want it to be audible

  I want it to be alive 

  to see you

  to hear you

  to awake you 

The Genesis Trilogy

0          “Genesis”


1          In the beginning, I was formless, forgotten, and empty.

2         In the beginning, I was invisible, inaudible, and insensible.

3          Thus, I was not existed.

4          Yet, I was there forever.

5         In the beginning, He was an object, infant, and child.

6         In the beginning, He was selfless, forgotten, and empty.

7          Thus, we were not existed.

8         Yet, we were there together.

9         In the beginning, It was timeless, boundless, and infinite.

10       In the beginning, It was formless, selfless, and empty.

11         Thus, it was not existed.

12        Yet, we were there altogether.


13        In the beginning, We were one, everything, and nothing.

14        In the beginning, We were three, connected, and separated.

15        Yet, we were not discovered.

16               , we were not visible.

17                , we were not audible.

18               , we were not sensible.

19        Thus, We were there altogether.


Photo by Kevin Stevanus

© 2020 Hosu Lee. All rights reserved.